Valentino Reveal!

  1. My Valentino collection is growing!

    I love these giant rockstud bags. And I got home and looked and realized it is the same color as the bow on my bow bag, but that's ok. I don't mind. They are two totally distinct styles.
    20130706_184213.jpg 20130706_184640.jpg 20130707_190213.jpg
  2. So my white one has a twin, sort of.

    Add a black one and a hot pink one and I will be satisfied. :lol:
  3. :heart:
  4. Beautiful bags. I love your Aphrodite!
  5. Thank you! I need to use it more. It is one of my prized possessions and I tend to just let it sit for fear of messing it up.

  6. Love them all!!
  7. Hi, LL!
    Thank you.
    How are you doing? What does the "KABOOM" signify?
  8. You have not only one but TWO of one of my favorite bags!!! Love them :smile:
  9. It's just something me and DH say to each other when something major happens.
  10. this particular tote, or another multiple i have?
    this tote is a good one! fairly lightweight, perfectly fits over the shoulder, and looks great!
  11. Wow!!! NASCAR, you always have such a great taste!!! Love you new bags!!'
  12. Pretty, congrats!
  13. thank you both!!
  14. Love them! So perfect for summer too.
  15. i still need to treat it. i love it so much!!!