Valentino my rockstud bag

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  1. Do you have one? The price point is high is it worth it? Can I see mod pics pls..?thx
  2. I am also curious to hear about current owners' opinions... I'm 5'3" and looking into these bags, I am thinking the smaller size may be big enough for my height. Also debating between coral/red and black...
  3. I also am interested in the bag, does anyone have it? Are you happy with it ??
  4. I recently bought the Valentino glam lock in medium and i am sooooo in Love. But poorly I have to admit that the leather which is so soft and luxury, is very likeable for scratches...
    Should I do an own post with pictures? Please let me know
  5. Yes!! We would love to see it!!!

  6. Please that would be great! It took me ages to decide to splurge on mine too, as the soft buttery leather scratching was my concerns.
  7. Yes please, I think that I have the same problem :sad:
  8. If I didn't already have one, I would be all over this! ImageUploadedByPurseForum1465706407.683260.jpg
  9. I'm also curious about how sensitive it is to getting dinged... I'm torn between the Celine mini belt bag or the my rockstud in violet in small size. Help! I'd like to match it with my flowerland fendi red strap ... IMG_1470490878.681501.jpg
  10. Omg the one in the photo is so cute!!
  11. Yeah so beautiful x
  12. Hi everyone - enclosed is mini belt bag with fendi strap... Let me know what y'all prefer... Though I can imagine it's more towards the my rockstud since I'm posting in the Valentino forum [emoji57]

  13. I like the Valentino. It has more interesting lines and features. I also don't understand the strap on the Fendi. Is it removable? Different colors? Red might be a bit limiting. Just my opinion.
  14. Has anybody got the myrockstud yet? I missed a chance and now wishing I had gone for it
  15. I just got the small size in pebble leather, and contemplating whether I should exchange it for smooth leather. :/
    Would love to hear other bag owners' review on this bag. I will post some modeling pics in a moment. ;)
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