Valentino,Jimmy Choo,Gucci and More....

  1. I have really enjoyed viewing the collections all of my fellow bag lovers have shared with us:party: I have finally figured out how to add pictures and would like to share some of mine with you:drinkup: Enjoy!
    Valentino Straw.jpg Valentino peacock.jpg Valentino.jpg Valentino Coral.jpg Valentino Coral and Satin.jpg
  2. great collection! wheres the Jimmy choo?
  3. Nice collection.. i like the coral
  4. Great bags! Love the coral and sating bags!
  5. I love that Valentino Peacock bag... :biggrin:
  6. loving your bags
  7. Thanks:smile: I will post them very soon.
  8. Great Valentino collection!
    Can't wait to see the rest.
  9. Here are my Jimmy Choo bags.I blame my husband for loving JC bags.My first one was the small Tulita.I picked my husband up from the airport after a trip, and he was holding a Jimmy Choo shopping bag:heart: :yahoo:
    Jimmy Choo Rianne.jpg Jjimmy Choo Ramona and Small Tulita.jpg Jimmy Choo Maddy and Mahala.jpg
  10. Next are my Gucci bags.I am missing a picture of my black Anniversary Hobo. I will add later.
    Rust Anniversary Gucci.jpg Horsebit Hobo.jpg Horsebit Clutch.jpg Pink Bamboo Gucci.jpg
  11. My only Chanel.I am dying for more after seeing some of the amazing Chanel bags in this forum:drool: .Also, a picture of my Paddingtons.
    chanel.jpg Argent and Anthracite.jpg
  12. Great collection.
  13. Gorgeous collection! The hand work on the Valentino peacock is tdf...

  14. Drop dead gorgeous Valentino's. Absolutely beautiful. I love his purses. I have two, the taupe bow bag and the leopard calf hair bow bag. What makes them even more special is that they're very light, like a feather!

    What you have is highly admired by me!!:yes:
  15. Five Jimmy Choos!!! I love them. Especially this purple bag... Nice collection. :yes: