Valentino Histoire--Oxblood patent

  1. I MUST have this bag. NM and others say wait til 11/2. Where can I get it NOW? Thanks.:nuts:
  2. the Saks in san francisco has it
  3. yes, i just saw it on friday. it looks INCREDIBLE. omg!! get it!!! or else i will :biggrin:
  4. ahhh pics?!
  5. You want to wait til 11/2?:confused1: Why?

  6. Is that the same bag that Angelina and her little one were carrying? They had matching ones in white. I didn't care for it in white but it's smashing in red patent!
  7. ^ I like it better in red patent, too :yes:
  8. I love the red patent. Back a month or so ago I posted a pic of Jennifer Garner with it. Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful!!!
  9. WOW, that color!

  10. Isn't the oxblood more of a deep, blood red? That one pictured above looks like more of a bright red. Either way, it is a fantastically gorgeous bag!!! :drool:

    Maybe it's going on sale 11/2, that's why they said to wait :shrugs: If so it may be worth the wait.
  11. omg i posted my interest in this back back in september. i finally took the plunge and bought the black! eeeee! :yahoo:
  12. is this the red yall are talking about? i loooove it!
    heres my girl miss simpson carrying it

  13. So great in red.
  14. :drool: Wow; I love that bag.
  15. no. the red jessica simpson is carrying is a different altogether. the oxblood is the color of a rich merlot in patent. the first time i saw this color was last year. its a deep burgundy color. its very rich. very great bag. i was debating getting it and at the end i purchased the black patent instead.

    i dont know why the wait for this bag is so long. perhaps because its been out for a while. i hate when that happens. The same thing happened with a BV bag I was interested in.

    Its a beautiful color. if you really want it, i would suggest you call other shops. i'm sure you can get it sooner.

    lots of luck