Valentino help!

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  1. Do Valentino rockstud heels ever come with white dust bags? I'm looking at some block heel gold sandals and it says they come with an off white dust bag. Help!
  2. Hi I have two 3 pair of Valentino heels and they came with red dustbag, maybe old collection??
  3. All of mine come with the red dust bags as well.
  4. Red
  5. Mine came with Red
  6. My Valentino kitten heels all come with the red dust bags.

  7. I have a pair of wedge heels that come with a white/cream dustbag. Purchased from Saks so it's 100% legit. You can kind of see it in the bottom of the box. Photo from my Instagram page.
  8. May be similar to Christian Louboutin where the bags for normal shoes are red, but espadrilles are white. So potentially Valentino follows a similar rule but I'm not sure.
  9. I have owned over 100 pairs of Valentino shoes and all came with red dust bags, except Noir collection (black)
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    These are from the Native Couture collection. When Valentino does a limited-edition
    collection, the bags are usually a different color than the signature red. I have a pair of sandals from the rockstud rolling collection, the multi-color rockstuds, and my bag is also white. The box they came in is white with an American Indian headdress on it.
  11. So...I've bought limited edition rockstuds and they came in a red box with a red dust bag. Bought another pair of limited edition ones this years and they came in a box with the pattern matching the pattern on the heels and white dust bags. Three days later, I bought a pair of espadrilles and they came in a red box with red dust bags. I think it just depends on the shoe and the season. I also have a pair of limited edition sneakers with a funky box but it's still a red dust bag.

    Edit: Also, sometimes the SA will switch the dust bags of shoes. So if you were supposed to get red, the SA might have just grabbed cream/off white
  12. All my 3 pairs of Valentino shoes come in red boxes and dustbags
  13. Red or black afaik
  14. I recently purchased a patent rockstud 100mm heel that came with a white dustbag. The seller said new shoes are issues with white ones now and red ones being discontinued. Just want to know has anyone purchased a pair recently with white dustbag?
  15. I've just bought one Valentino shoes from winter collection (no rockstud) and they came with red box and white bag.