Valentino handbags

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  1. I can't wait to add a Valentino bag to my collection. I saw a gorgeous yellow Valentino bag at Saks in NYC last Saturday. If I didn't buy so many bags this year I definitely would have gotten it on the spot. It was a real beauty! Here are a few more that have caught my eye. What do you think of Valentino bags?

  2. [​IMG]
  3. They are all very pretty.
  4. i've been completely obsessed with them lately as well! I didn't know they had the buffalo shoulder bag in black! Thanks to your post I can get it now. hehe
  5. Cough, cough, YES ME TOO!:nuts: I've been trying to find like spirited and minded individuals blogging more on these bags.

    I bought two in three weeks and they excite me MORE than my Prada's, IF,
    Gucci and JC.

    Here's a link for both of them. The tan one is really a gorgeous, toasty, light taupe, brown. The NM picture is pure and simply wrong in this purse's color representation. But my God I loved it MORE when I saw it IRL? However it was the ladylike, leopard print, bowler tote that pulled me in from the get go. Last the buffelo satchel is crying for me but instead I snagged another Prada bucket. But I want that satchel in taupe.........again, someone just shoot me......

    Valentino*-* Bow Shoulder Bag*-* Bergdorf Goodman

    Leopard-Print Bowler -  Valentino
  6. Susieserb, your bags are gorgeous! I don't know why there aren't more ladies here that are interested in Valentino. IMO these bags are real gems.
  7. Hey Kat: I've been thinking about getting a Valentino bag lately too, albeit one that's a bit simpler, for everyday. (See pic below.) Valentino bags aren't that well known, and I'm just trying to figure out whether that's really a plus or minus for me, frankly... :shrugs:

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  8. ITA! Your bags are gorgeous and it seems like more people would be talking about Valentino. Too bad my wish list is so long. I'd love to buy a few!
  9. The one you've selected is a beauty! :love:
  10. I'm glad you brought up Valentino bags. They've never caught my attention much before. However, I saw a Leopard-Print satchel in a Neiman Marcus store and absolutely loved it!

    Susieserb- that Leopard-print Bowler is fantastic too!

    Valentino has some beautiful and creative designs out there now. Kat thanks for sharing those incredible bags. They are just amazing.

    Here's the Leopard-Print satchel ($2,150) and another that I like, which is a soft Buffalo double handle ($1,490)

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  11. Marle,
    I want that soft buffelo bowler too, originally I wanted that lepord print satchel (that you have pictured in your post) but the 2200 dollars was too steep, (BTW KOODO's to my sister Nathalie who spotted that bag in the first place).

    The leopard print bowler that I purchased was shown as a pre-order (through NM) for 1600 dollars (gulp). FYI ladies...I called Bergdorf in NY and asked them if they had any animal print leather bags from Valentino and as it turned out they did, only one and it was on sale for 30 percent off. I grabbed it sight unseen, paying zero taxes with free shipping (holiday deal).

    This animal bag had people stopping me (4 to be exact) on a shopping spree in St. Louis. These gals (and one gay guy?) were asking me who the :yahoo: designer was!:jammin:
  12. i love valentino :smile: