Valentino For The Boys?

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  1. I have been searching the Valentino forum and have found no thread on Valentino for the boys. Any bags from Valentino for the boys? I want to know because my best friend (who is a guy) wants to get a Valentino.
  2. Hmmm...I'd put him in contact with Brendan in Boston, MA at the Valentino boutique there. He's absolutely fantastic. While the shop does cater to women's items, he will probably be best able to answer your questions regarding menswear/etc. He's a sweetie, too!
  3. The menswear have been so so....but the best I have seen is this season for AM...saw some clutches. Though I would kill for some rockstud as well. Think boys can rock the rockstud flat clutch which is oversized either in red or black.
  4. Thanks!:smile:
  5. about the rockstud bag?:smile:
  6. Hi, welcome to any boy who appreciates Valentino! Agree the rockstud line is more edgy & best for boys. Also agree Brendan at Valentino Boston is great. Just call 617-578-0300 and ask for him. I bought DH an older Valentino Uomo (man in Italian) tux on eBay which Brendan approved.
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    Personally, no. The design looks too feminine esp the strap so thin...but if it makes you happy, why not?

    Btw, just noticed that we both love Bailey...hee hee
  8. Cool...Thanks!
  9. Bailey ALL THE WAY!
  10. My guy friend just got the sickest Valentino clutch. I am going to ask him If I can share his photo here. Be right Back!!
  11. Here it goes!!! He got so many compliments!!!!
  12. That is one wicked clutch. Tell your friend he is damn lucky to have the clutch. ROCK IT!:smile:
  13. Very cool! Tell him congrats!