Valentino embroidered platform sandal - pic

  1. What do you think of these sandals? I really like them, but what could I wear them with? They're on sale for $469. They were originally $670.

  2. pretty but would limit your clothing/handbag choices. . . I couldn't imagine you'd get to wear them too often{?}
  3. I think they're cute! They would be great for summer with a nice skirt or something.
  4. white skirt, tank
  5. white t-shirt or tank top+jeans or a white skirt and tourquoise tee, white or tourquoise dress and gold for the evening;)
    those are lovely!:love:
  6. That's beautiful....
  7. Those are so pretty. They would be beautiful with a gold clutch in the evening. I think the shape of the shoe is classic enough, and the design, unique enough, that you could have those for years to come and pull them out on special occasions. Perhaps I am wrong about that, but, then, I tend to buy things like this for the work of art they are (Valentino is Valentino, so, what more can we say about that?) and I am forever going to places to wear shoes like that, so they would make sense for someone who has that type of lifestyle. I love them, but, if you are looking for more practicality, then you should go for something a bit more versatile, I would advise.
  8. Worn with a white dress, turquoise necklace or bracelet, and a gold clutch, that would be "wow" for a summer "do". You could dress them down with a pair of jeans and a white t-shirt and a short jacket (in case it gets cold). Yep, the more I look at them, the more potential I see.
  9. i think they're great, u can wear them with skirt or even with jeans!
  10. They would instantly glam up a pair of jeans! You could do white, beige, navy or gold with them!
  11. You can wear them with a white skirt, jean skirt or even w/ a turqouise...
  12. Thanks for the great ideas, ladies!