Valentino Clubhouse & Chat Thread

  1. I click on the link and it takes me to the main page. I can't see which bag is it. But if it's the one I think it is (the Sequined Ruffle Tote) then I totally agree with you!

    I don't really know where they make them. Saks says "Imported"... :thinking:I know Valentino makes their bags in Italy at the same factory that produces Proenza Schouler's bags but I don't really know much else.

    I like that it's hand-held only. I think that gives it some sort of ladylike charm.
  2. i thought the Purse Blog's RV was cute!
  3. :yes: definitely

  4. LOVE it!!!

  5. I just want to thank MGA for starting this thread. This is like our own little mini sub forum in here for all of the V girls. And I'm very happy with it! Thanks MGA!!!
  6. I agree...thanks MGA!!!

  7. I totally agree.... Thank you so much MGA... :yahoo:
  8. thanks mga! :biggrin:
  9. Your're welcome :biggrin:
    I should be the one saying Thank You, without all of you this wouldn't be possible. I'm so glad we found each other here at TPF. Valentino 4EVER! :yahoo:

    so, Thank You ladies!!!
  10. Just wanted to give you ladies fair warning... I'm expecting my new V bag today. So get ready for a REVEAL at some point this afternoon!!!!

  11. :ghi5: Oh yeah I can hardly wait.. LL>...
  12. ^^yeah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :party:
  13. Yay. I love Valentino as well and can't wait to see what you got.
  14. I can't believe I was a bit late for the reveal... it's really beautiful congrats!
  15. Thanks girls! Who else is expecting a new Valentino?