Valentino Care and Maintenance

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  1. I recently purchase a pair and I absolutely love them! I just wanted to know if anyone could share their advices on how to replace the bottom once it gets really wore out. I love seeing the fact that they're getting wore because it feels like I'm wearing them and im getting my money worth, but I just wanted to know just in case. Thank you!
  2. Valentino stores have spares with a repair kit. However, only if you bought from them.
  3. Has it ever happened to you? I read somewhere that it is quite common and I notice some change in the gold of my rockstud....
  4. no not yet
  5. Me neither. So sad for you though :sad:
  6. maybe it got wet and you forgot to clean and wipe dry?
  7. I just purchased the canvas rockstud camo clutch and got a stain on it:sad:. Does anyone know how to remove it? I'm not even sure how this happened.
  8. Put some baby powder or cornstarch over the stain an let it rest for some time. Maybe that will help.
  9. what kind of spares? sole spares? or stud spares?
  10. The Rockstuds themselves ie studs is what I meant. For shoe repair, they cover it but send it out to a repair shop.
  11. I'm bumping this because I had the same question. I've noticed some studs aren't exactly rusty, but they have a couple of small dots or what I might call tarnish on them. Is anyone else experiencing this? I've even seen it on brand new bags.

    Another question, how does the smooth leather on the rockstud totes hold up. Do light colors show rain spots?
  12. Does anyone have any experience with this?
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    Hello ladies I have a lovely Valentino tote I bought in Harrods a good 6-7 years ago. The problem is the handles spilt and it looks very sad, is there anywhere I could send my bag to be fixed?
    I spoke with a few local repairers and they all told me same thing, they can glue it but the job wouldn't last long.
    I m wondering you you have any advise for me. I will add some pictures for you to see
    Thank you :smile:
  14. Yes, add pics. Did you ask Harrods for their opinion?
  15. No I didn't, as it was so long ago since I bought it I wasn't sure if they would entertain me :lol:
    Off to capture some pics