Valentino Bow Clutch, so stunning!

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  1. LOVE this wristlet/clutch, particularly in python. Available in a medley of colors and fabrics. Anyone own one? Is it comfy on the wrist?
    clutch.jpg clutch2.jpg
  2. I don't own it, but am really drawn to it. I love Valentino bags.
  3. I am awstruck.......
  4. They are perched like exquisite eye candy in a few different colors in the Valentino store window (Madison). LOVE them.
  5. So so pretty....I love bows on bags and wallets and clutches..
  6. Oh Valentino just makes my heart race.

  7. i was between the one you mentioned and this one. I opted to get this one. As much as I love my clutch, I think I would have gotten more use out of the python clutch. here is my baby though...
  8. Mmm..I wish we had a Valentino store.. Not that I can afford it but I do certainly enjoy looking at all the eye candy.
  9. Roe: I love! I love! Fantastic purchase.
  10. i like it but i really prefer not to put my hand through the bow like the model does-
  11. thank you roryangel :yes:
  12. Oh glorious Valentino..he feeds my inner girly girl. :heart:
  13. prefer to carry with my hand
  14. What a fantastic bag! Love it!
  15. oh my!! such a beauty. Im in love with it. what is the price?