Valentino bags - pics

  1. [​IMG]
    This one is on sale for $805 ... original price is $1,150
    This one is also pretty but I hate the gold hardware.
  2. I think valentino handbags are gorgeous!!! And the fact that not many people carry one makes it more special.
  3. I think this one is lovely! and a good deal!
  4. I like the last bag. Cute!
  5. Ditto...that bag is beautiful!!!!
  6. LOVE this bag! PERFECT for all year round IMO. :biggrin:
  7. I love Valentino bags! I have two. :love: No one carries them, which I like. They are so unique. I've been meaning to buy an embellished evening pouch. Gorgeous!
  8. That peacock one is so pretty and that is a good price.
  9. Actually it's the tan one that is $805. The peacock one is over a thousand dollars.:sad:
  10. i like the last one.. very classy looking
  11. I like the peacock one as well, the white one is also nice for everyday. Rather pricey, but then it feel like everything I like is too!
  12. The embroidered flower and peacock purses are very unique looking ; either would be a great add to your collection.
  13. Here's another beautiful Valentino bag.
  14. Here's another beauty ..... on sale too! Hard to resist. I'm trying to refrain from buying another bag right now .....