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  1. Is anyone aware of any special items that will be released for Valentine’s Day?
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  2. Isn’t it the vernis gradient colours, in the dark pink and light pink? Come see in zcp, zippy wallet, heart key charm, and heart coin purse?
  3. And Valentine bandeau...all is ready and already in the stores.
  4. Is there a heart shaped coin purse available this year?? I was just in the boutique yesterday and purchased the heart shaped wave bag...I asked about the coin purse, but they said one was never released?
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  5. There is a heart shaped coin purse in epi leather with gold locks on it already in stores in UK and on website.
    Item code M63995
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  6. Thank you so much! I wonder if this was a uk exclusive. I don’t see it on the us website[emoji20]
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  7. Not sure about availability is US but did see it is person in London and comes in black or white epi leather
  8. Congrats on your bag! That’s what I’m eyeing at the moment. Yes I agree with fernsmum, there is one in epi, which comes in white and black. But then somewhere I saw one in this valentines collection as well, in the gradient vernis colours. Unless, I go mixed up with that in the charm? But I swear it was a heart coin purse. Gotta go find it again,
  9. I’m also looking for the heart coin purse, I checked under Love lock and I couldn’t find it
  10. I found this heart shaped coin purse (lvj12 on instagram)
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  11. Yes! I want the black one so bad.
    Does anyone know when it’s coming to the US website?
  12. The sku for the black one is M63995. I don’t know when or if it is going to be sold in the US.
    Maybe you can ask customer service or your SA to make a reservation for that sku?

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  13. Thank you!
    I was hoping to grab one for me and my mom for Valentine’s Day.
    I’ll have to call :smile:
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  14. if you don't mind letting me know if you find any info on the coin purse...I would really appreciate it:smile: thank you!
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