Valentines wish lists, help me :-) pick

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  1. Tiffany ring or Love bracelet, TIA :smile:


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  2. is the tiffany ring an engagement ring? or just a gift?

    if it is just a gift I would go with a different design as this is such an iconic ER style!
  3. I would pick Love Bracelet unless it's Valentine's day + Engagement together :smile:
    This ring is beautiful but in my eyes it's en engagement ring. I know it's silly but it's just me ;)
  4. Exactly. The ring is gorgeous, but it's an engagement ring and the bracelet is just a perfect V-day gift.
  5. +1
  6. +1
  7. Thank you everyone for helping picked.
    I have engagement ring in a Tiffany Lucida cut, thought about of having a brilliant cut for an upgrade :smile: I think it can wait!
  8. LOVE bracelet :smile:
  9. Definitely the Love!
  10. LOVE bracelet!