Valentines Vernis pix from UK Vuitton Site

  1. I know someone one already posted the envelope plate pix, but I couldn't resist more cute heart pix!
  2. I want em all!!!
  3. Those charms are the cutest things!!!!
  4. Thanks..I never get tired of looking....:drool: :love:
    Doesn't it seem like it's taking forever for their release date to arrive though?:sweatdrop:
  5. Every time I think I'm out, they pull me back in.

    I :love: that Pomme Plate.
  6. I didnt expect to love it in pearl!
  7. Yes, I swear I think about that every day!
  8. omg
  9. soo cute! I can't wait...
  10. I'm in love with the red... and the pink... hmm.. and the ivory too... :smile: LOL
  11. I love white & raspberry...maybe forget about the a heart coin purse? Anyone know how much is the flat pouch?
  12. Me either! :shrugs: I have never given perle vernis a close look before, but so adorable, esp in the flat pouch.
  13. I think I also like the envelope pouch as well.
  14. This is up on the uk site too. Not vernis, but still cute.

  15. I can't wait too!! So cute!