Valentines pressies !! Post all your valentines goodies here <3

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  1. Hi ladies and gentlemen,
    This year I am trying to save money with my hubby so I did not ask for a LV gift this year.
    But I am really excited to see everyone's valentines pressie :P
  2. Ooh exciting ;) I know I've got a little something but not allowed it until valentines day :sad:
  3. That is so sweet !! keep the suspense going, thats the fun part. I dun think I will have anything LV for v-day, already got a early gift from pandora ...
  4. no lv this year, but my fiance and i are going to vegas! he surprised me by emailing me the flight confirmation last night :yahoo::hbeat:
  5. Hello ladies! Some of you may seen this as i already posted it on other thread.. But I'm just very happy I got this this year :smile:

    Here are my VDay pressie from my DBF Miss Noé BB.. We got her pretty early probably last week of January (We didn't want the price increase)

    & from my mumma she got me Little Ms Cles :smile: :heart:

    Thanks for letting me share :smile:

    ImageUploadedByPurseForum1392132049.304544.jpg ImageUploadedByPurseForum1392132065.990723.jpg
  6. My family and I will be on vacation in the Cayman Islands. We are going to the Dolphin Discovery center to swim with the dolphin! I jsut have to remember to sneak my card into the carry on and not forget it!
  7. We don't celebrate Valentines Day, so I'll live vicariously through you all!
  8. omg that is so exciting !!! maybe you can start saving and buy a little LV gift over there as a souvenir :graucho:
  9. Did they communicate before buying ? because these two item is matching each other, I have seen other members hanging a cles outside of a Noe and they look so adorable with each other :cool:

    I always like the noe, thinking of getting a monogram noe last december but they do not have it in stock
  10. Do you have any other sort of Valentines day ? or celebrate LV during xmas ?:graucho:
  11. None for me this year (least I think not), my OH buying a villa in Spain so we can have a holiday home so not bothered about gift's this year:yahoo::yahoo:
  12. Wow that's is really exciting ! Spending holiday at a villa , drinking cocktail and reading magazine in Spain :biggrin:
  13. Hehe! No! They didn't! But mum knew I wanted another cles and I already have the DE cles and she's not a mono fan so she decided the get the DA instead :smile:
  14. we have a deal thet when it comes to lv hermes and chanel
    I leave a "wish list" in the store and DP can pick whatever
  15. I did have an LV Xmas :biggrin: And I usually have LV Bdays too! But no, we just don't like the pressure of V day, so we don't celebrate it in the traditional way. Instead, I cook a huge dinner for my hubby and my boys on V day each year, this year it's Prime Rib. They are the loves of my life...well, them and my horse LOL!