Valentine's presents came early!! **pics**

  1. Since I'm married to the best man I could ever find, I have had an awesome weekend. My husband will be travelling for work on Valentine's day so we celebrated today.
    Picture 002.jpg Picture 007.jpg Picture 003.jpg
  2. My SA gave me all the postcards you see in the pic. Just love her! And love that pomme cles! My very first piece of vernis and my very first cles all in one!! The price drop on the bh just gave me the little push I needed to go ahead and get it. Love 'em all!!
  3. Congratulations! I love the cles and the BH
  4. Beautiful items..have a happy Valentine's day!
  5. Congratulations.
  6. congrats!!! you got that AND a cles! im just getting the cles....
  7. That's very sweet. Congrats.
  8. congrats!
  9. aww! sweet husband! those are beautiful!
  10. congrats texas girl :yahoo: and happy early valentines day!:heart: love your hubby's gifts!
  11. Congrats! What a fabulous DH!!
  12. Ooooooooo very nice :smile: I love the BH
  13. so sweet. Congrats
    I just bought a BV and you make me want a BH
  14. Beautiful...congrats!
  15. Lucky Girl!

    I love everything, congrats!