Valentine's Present

  1. My husband said that he would get me a new LV for Valentine's Day and wanted to know what kind I wanted. iam thinking the Tulum PM. What do you think? I'm an accontant with 2 kids so I need something practical.:wlae:
  2. ...another good possibility would be the Lockit Horizontal...Shoulder bag, very roomy, zips and lightweight...I love it!!
  3. Ooooo that looks interesting,too. :yes:
  4. How about a Batignolles Horizontal?
  5. welcome:welcome: , those above are great choices! :yes:
    i would check out the visual aides thread too and/or go to the boutique to try them on IRL and see what strikes you.....
  6. I would say BH!
  7. Have a look at the Damier Highbury. It has two compartments, very roomy. Zippered top closure. About $1600.
  8. I have the Tulum GM and love it. I like the single shoulder strap and the fact that the strap is adjustable. I went for the GM version for that reason.
  9. My suggestions:
    Cabas Piano
    Tulum PM
    Popincourt Haut
    Damier Knightsbridge
  10. Bv?
  11. Cabas Piano

  12. I have the Highbury --- it's gorgeous! You have lots of great choices. Nice hubby!!
  13. BH or LH.
  14. I agree with John's choices. Not just b/c my name is also John.
  15. i agree with rebecca, BH or LH. both are very professional-looking bags.