Valentine's LV items: Heads up for L.A. area as of Feb. 2

  1. Los Angeles area as of Friday, Feb. 2:

    Century City store had a silver Miroir Pochette displayed in the window in the shoe area. Not sure if they had more....

    Beverly Center store had the Valentine's keychains (3 colors: red/white/pink) in their display case - might be the last ones in the store, but not sure. They also had the white and pink versions of the Vernis Heart Coinpurse (last ones) in the same display case as well as a PM and GM Transparent Inclusion bracelets. They didn't have the red inclusion bracelet (sold out) but they had a red inclusion barette. I spoke with SA named Alex (female).

    While I was there I bought a GM Transparent Inclusion bracelet at Beverly Center but there was still the one GM bracelet left in the display case. I will post pics of my GM inclusion bracelet later....

    Happy shopping!
  2. Thanks for this post!
    I love it when we help eachother out like this!
    Are the miroir pochettes that non-liked???
  3. somebody had better get this pochette!
    the ones going for 1500 on eBay are RIDICULOUS!
  4. Sorry but I'm not sure what you meant about the "Are the miroir pochettes that non-liked?" Non-liked??

    I just saw the one silver miroir pochette in the window display of the shoe section - it's probably the last one in stock at the Century City store but it's probably for sale. Just double check to see if they have any in their stock room before buying the display item. I didn't speak to any of the SAs about it.... It's actually been there for awhile because I saw it about two weeks ago as well in the same exact location plus I think another tPFer mentioned it too in another posting.

    The Century City store did have some of the Valentine's keychains in their display case so they may be available for sale. I was focused on buying the PM red inclusion bracelet which they said hadn't even come in... I'm waitlisted but I'm not sure if I'm at the top of the list since I only asked about it about two weeks ago. Can't wait for the red inclusion bracelet!!!
  5. I have seen a few posts where people say that they see pochettes. Seems to be the only miroir piece still in stores.

    I didn't think that people wouldn't take to that one. I think it's perfect for a college-aged girl...

    I dunno..thought it would sell out faster I guess

    I hope someone gets it though...if only for the resale value!
  6. The Valley Fair boutique had a pomme Inclusion PM (in medium) last night. I passed on it because I want to wait for the small size. Now I am sort of regretting it because what if the small ends up not fitting over my hand? I'd look like an idiot! :roflmfao:
  7. I'm sure the small will fit unless you have a huge hand and wrist. It fit on my small chubby hand!
  8. thanks for the heads up!
  9. thanks so much for the info!
  10. Lol same here! I need the small I think, I tried on the medium and I KNOW the small would fit on my wrist but I hope it fits over my hand first haha. We're in the same boat with that one! :lol: