Valentines in tokyo. . . pics

  1. Hello lovely ladies and gents. . .Tokyo has always fascinated me. The place is beautiful, the food is delicious, the people warm and courteous.

    of course, there is also the fact that H is abundant in this beautiful country that I am sooooo drawn to it:p

    Here are some of our pics hope you enjoy:[/ATTACH]
    First Day.JPG
  2. you (& your DH) look fabulous & so young!!! i wldnt have guessed you have kids!!!!!!! you maintain so well! :biggrin:
  3. some more pics. . .

  4. and of course valentines won't be complete without flowers and chocolates

  5. thanks bbbochap... you know what i actually saw that pink birkin you have in your avatar being carried by a beautiful japanese woman in roponggi.

    i was awestruck and it was soooo beautiful! I wanted to take a pic with her but got shy about asking her :smile:

    thanks for your lovely compliments to me and DH
  6. How cute! I'd love to visit Tokyo
  7. and of course a trip to japan won't be complete without H shopping :smile:

    my goodies:


    28cm. cobalt blue ostrich kelly with phw
  8. my cute cadenas:

  9. Wow! Wow Wow Wow!
    Congrats on your new goodies and thanks for sharing the eye candy!
  10. Oh Jen, your bag!!She is just stunning!!!
  11. and suprisingly DH said to pick another bag as it was so difficult to get a birkin where I am from (manila) since we didn't have any H stores here. . .

    My DH is not like petpringles or skim (:p) he does not tolerate to much bag purchases so when he said this I was tongue-tied and shocked!

    whatever air he was breathing in japan i wanted to bottle it up and bring it home with me. . . If only he would always approve of my H purchases hahaha
  12. thank you so much hello and suzie. it was truly a memorable valentines for me and DH. . . especially for me hahahaha
  13. and when he was giving me free reign on which bag to choose i suddenly became guilty!!!!

    why does that happen to us??????

    i was like i spent so much already and i couldn't buy another bag . . .

    but alas i completely got over it and decided i needed another pop color to my collection

    and so here she is 2nd H baby:


    35cm. Potiron Clemence birkin with PHW

    and a photo of my H souvenirs from Japan:


    thanks all for sharing my excitement and valentines with me!!!
  14. Wow!! Can you send some of that air over for my boyfriend!!
  15. jen0575 congratulations! What a lovely trip ! Can't wait to see your other bag... your DH is a gem.....