Valentine's Gift!!!

  1. I got my V-day gift today! My DH bought me the Montorgueil GM! I tried it on and it looked a little too big. I was thinking of exchanging it for the PM, but i know the salesperson said they were quickly selling out. Did anyone ever try the GM and PM? I was wondering if the distance between the strap and the bag were the same? Besides the size of the bags, is there any other differences? What would you do? ;)
  2. I personally prefer bigger bags so I'd probably just keep it esp. if hubby got it. Congrats!
  3. I would also like to know if there is any difference in the drop or length of the handles. Anyhow...congratulations on the new bag!
  4. Congrats, I would keep the larger size as I like larger bags
  5. Congratulations and happy valentines day to you! Keep the GM!
  6. Congrats!!! I would keep the GM size but it really just depends on you! What do you carry with you? If you don't carry a lot of stuff, then go for the PM. But with the GM, just because it's bigger doesn't mean that you have to carry a lot of stuff either! The GM looks nice!!! Happy Valentine's Day!
  7. If you're not comfortable wit the size, I would exchange it, but the thought of your hubby buying it wouldn't dimenish. He should be happy if you're happy, and there's absolultely no reason to keep it if you're not going to use it.
  8. yay happy valentines day! what a nice DH you have!! If you don't absolutely love the size though, you should exchange it! Get the size you love so you'll use it all of the time!

    please post pics of the GM!! I'm thinking about this bag and i would loooove to see some pics!
  9. What a sweet DH!!!! I'd probably go with the PM, but that's just me.
  10. Congrats !

    I'm afraid I can't be any help.. but if it's not overly overly large, why not just keep it ? The masses usually seem to be right in predicting the best bags !
  11. congratss!!! wut a lovely bagg...but if ure not 100% satisfied then i say go for the PM..DH spent a lot of money on a purse so u would be happy with it!! ure one lucky girl!!
  12. What an awesome hubby! Any pics of the new beauty? :nuts:
  13. i tried on both sizes and the pm didnt go past my elbow since im more on the "fluffy" side... the gm fits perfect
  14. Congrats!! If you don't love the size, I would exchange it for the pm. Dh probably won't mind since you are exchanging for the same bag just a little smaller.
  15. pictures!!! =D