Valentine's gift... Gris what?

  1. I've learned the rules of this forum... if you buy something you post a picture. Soooo here it is... my first Balenciaga, a City in a teal color or is it?
    I just came back from a week vacation in Florida and while shopping around with my husband (usually a bad idea) I came across this pretty purse and fell in love with it. I drooled over it in the NM store for a good twenty minutes and The husband asked me "are you going to buy it or what???" .... what??? Valentine's Day gift he said... since when I replied :confused1: But he bought me the bag anyway, he's so cute :love:. There's always a first time I guess.
    The SA was new and she didn't know much about bags in general and even less about Balenciagas, she said something about a Gris something color, a French word but it looks like a dusty turquoise or teal to me, very pretty. What do you guys think of it??? I'm in love, :heart: with purse and husband. Happy Valentine's Day everyone.
  2. It is STUNNING- congrats!!!
    Looks like Blue India to of the prettiest colours from '06! Wear it with much happiness!
  3. Your bag is gorgeous!!! Congratulations! What a great Valentine's Day gift!!! ;)
  4. love it congrats :smile: its blue india
  5. Congrats! It's gorgeous :yahoo: what a sweet husband you have!
  6. Thanks, this bag turns heads!!! I was in a Chanel boutique and I caught a SA and a lady checking it out...
  7. Happy early V-Day to you!! :yahoo::wlae:
  8. Beautiful! It's funny that the SA tried to tell you it was Gris Fonce (Dark Grey in french) from what I gather in your post. That bag is anything but grey! ENJOY!
  9. No, that bag is blue india. Maybe the SA mixed up the tags with another bag. That city looks so pretty. Great V-day gift! (I wish I could give my husband the same idea!)

    Oh, by the way, may I ask which NM he bought it at? I live in FL and maybe they have some other colors left. TIA.
  10. Gorgeous! Congratulations! :yes:
  11. Niceeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!
  12. wow... congrats! it's pretty :love:
  13. congrats!!
  14. Love It!!!
  15. Congratulations! I can see why the folks in the Chanel boutique were gawking at it...:smile: