Valentines Gift for Men..? HELP!!!

  1. Valentines is coming up too soon, and I've left my shopping for the last minute (again :sad: ) I'm trying to seduce my SO over to the dark side - give him a "quality leather" fetish of his own. Also, I'm looking for a gift for my father - same idea.
    Neither of them would be caught dead wearing a purse. An unstructured briefcase or suitcase is as close as they will come.
    I'm trying to not break the bank - does anyone have suggestions on good leather or bag gifts for men?
  2. Any Taiga or Epi leather from the LV mens line should do the trick.;) Go for the darker colors with subdued logo. Simple, yet very rich and sleek looking small leather goods. Check out eLuxury for some ideas.
  3. :smile: thanks for the suggestion!