Valentines for boys...

  1. Do you get your other half a valentines gift? if so what do you get him? I'm at a loss and dont know whether to get him anything or not and what to even get him!
    so.. what do you get your bf/dh/etc for valentines?
  2. My Hubby and I usually surprise each other with a weekend trip and then we spoil each other all weekend! With all the normal cheesy stuff- bubble baths, lingerie, love coupons, baked goods, etc.!
    This year I am taking him to a cabin in Hot Springs, not sure where he is taking me yet! But it is always a blast!
  3. i know i don't speak for all mankind, but it's pretty simple.. let's play charades..

    "one word.. it's 3 letters long. first letter.. *slithers around.. eats mice*"


    ok 2nd letter.. *makes trumpet noise with extended arm*

    ok 3rd letter.. *stands behind a screen that can see through body and look at bones*


    haha. so childish, but really.. i think that's all they ask for. gifts are for birthdays.. and xmas.
  4. I'm taking my husband on a little weekend getaway to an inn up near Clear Lake, CA. It's going to be so great. On 2/14 we will likely stay home and avoid the insanity.

    My friend is buying her husband $350 Bruno Magli shoes!!
  5. when i get a significant other. i'm going to expect something small for vday.. even a bouquet of flowers shall be fine.. or even a single flower.. i don't care. because my birthday is 5 days later, and that better be BIG. lol.
  6. Yes... a nice one way sexual act is very nice. Something he can sit back and let you do the work. I'm sure you can put 2 and 2 together. But it would be nice to get something that shows you're paying attention to him. Such as...a new golf club he's been eyeing, or a gadget he's been dropping hints about. Something for his car (if he's into that stuff) or perhaps a deep sea fishing trip. It really just depend of your mans hobbies and likes. I really feel if you pay attention to him, there's always something you can figure out.
  7. My husband loves to cook so I either get him some special mail order food gift or gadget. One year I got him a smoked pork butt from some famous place and once I got him a Muffalotta sandwich from Louisiana's best place.

    Oh, and sex;)
  8. We don't celebrate Valentines day. My birthday is a week before Valentines Day. I've never really expected anything for Valentines Day.. or any day, for that matter. I'd rather use the money spent on gifts for better things. But, I love surprising the boy. So, I usually do something for him. :graucho:
  9. So nice to have a guy weigh in on these things :p

    Although, I suspect you are soo right. That a nice steak with a bottle of wine. Pretty much sums it up.

  10. What about for a new relationship, less than a month old?
  11. they say the way to a man's heart is through his stomach. so the answer: FOOD. yum! MEAT! ROAR! haha. mm.. meat.
  12. ...steak... *salivates* man this dining hall food isn't cutting it!

    for our first v-day, i gave dave a little teddy bear. 4+ years later he's still sitting in dave's dorm room. :love:
  13. i got my bf some rock and republic jeans, so not very romantic that's for sure! lol
  14. I finally bought my bf high end shaving accessories from england. it's supposed to treat his skin better since his facial hair grows pretty quick. im also thinking about going out for a big piece of steak on V Day weekend =D
  15. My DH has an Amazon list. LOL He wants a watch and some ties, too.

    I have an eluxury list ;) LOL~!! I like my list better :lol: