Valentine's Delivery!

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  1. Just thought I'd share...

    When I made my online purchase today, I received complimentary OVERNIGHT shipping. If anyone has any last minute Valentine's Day purchases, this runs until tomorrow at 1 p.m. I guess they've been having complimentary Express shipping since Feb 5th. I wasn't aware and thought this was pretty cool. :smile:
  2. Thanks for sharing, I found out about this earlier completely by accident, they definitely didn't make it obvious!
  3. I know! I didn't select it at first because I saw that Express is $25...I thought it must be a mistake. Then a couple steps later, I found the information. I backed right up and changed my shipping to overnight. :lol: We are due snow tomorrow so I'm sure that I'll have a delay anyway, I figured this might help.
  4. nice