Valentines Day

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  1. Just wondering what everyone's plans (or gifts) are for their S/O on Valentines Day :heart:
  2. My dbf is taking me NYC to TAO for dinner and taking me shopping at Saks, then on the 25th we are leaving for VEGAS :smile:) I'm very excited!!!!!!!!
  3. My boyfriend is taking me to Niagara Falls.
    This is the first time in 20 years I have been in a relationship on Valentine's Day.
    *I hope he doesn't break up with me before I get on that plane tomorrow. :panic:
  4. Off to Banff to stay in the "Castle in the Rockies" (Fairmont Banff Springs), dinner and hot springs with a stop at H in Calgary :smile:
  5. Am I the only one sort of anti-Vday?
    I feel like I'd rather have flowers any other day if the year except the day the universe tells my hubby he should :/
  6. Nope, I'm with you!
  7. Shopping at the outlets, lunch at a local restaurant.
  8. How beautiful! Niagara Falls in Buffalo or the Canadian side?

    I love niagara. Hope you have a wonderful time
  9. You may or may not remember me from posting in the Single/Online forums, but I didn't know you were in a relationship. Just wanted to say that I hope you have a blast and all the best! Your posts always have me cracking up.
  10. wow
  11. We normally don't do anything special but we both happen to be off work V-Day. So we're going to dinner... trying out a new resto we've been meaning to go to.
  12. Same here :wave:
  13. We both have the day off, so probably just having a Netflix marathon with pizza and cuddles. Nothing special :balloon:
  14. Well I'm going to feel romantic all day, but we're not doing anything specifically for the day, if that makes sense: I'm going to cook a beautiful lamb roast with veggies and we're going to watch a move together at it's just a standard Friday really :biggrin: :P :love:
  15. It's a surprise so I have no idea where we will go but he said that I have to pack. :smile: