Valentines day!

  1. My bf said he got me something for valentines day that he is a million percent sure I will love. He said it starts with an M and he said he did a lot of research on it, by what I said , by him watching me watching the E! channel. He said it will bemake me very very happy. I don't know what it is? DO YOU GIRLS KNOW?? I was trying to guess but he isn't giving in.
  2. Million Dollars
  3. Marc Jacobs ?
    Mud facial ?
  4. It better not be Make-up.
    How about a Mercedes or Marriage proposal?

    Heck, you know how some guys are, he may say the "M" is for "me."
  5. More bags!!!
  6. Mulberry?
    Marc Jacobs?
    Moth balls? lol
  7. I think its the new marc jacobs bag that Jessica simpson was wearing!!
  8. massage!
  9. Money for you to buy the perfect bag??!??LOL:blink:
  10. Missoni !!! ?

    What ever it is Im sure you will love it, ! keep us posted !
  11. Himself as in "me"
  12. My bf does the same thing to me! I think they just like to see us squirm! ha ha ha!

    I'm sure you will love it anyways!
  13. michael kors? mj?? ooo lol i love surprises! but i'm sure its driving you craaazy but at least you'll find out on tuesday!
  14. I told him to give it to me monday 12:00 right it turns midnight. Techniqually its tuesday
  15. What was it?????