valentine's day wishlist (DH or SO should read this thread......)

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  1. valentine's day is a month away, i know it's an overrated holiday but it doesn't stop us from wishing a few H items to come our way.........what are you wishing for this V-day?


    let me start : wishing for a constance in lizard ficelle color, a medor watch with yellow watch (perfect for summer), and a baby blue clic-clac bangle (perfect for the arrival of our baby boy this june)!

    :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart:
  2. ^ nice choices!
    An Ebene Clemence Bolide 31 with PH
    A Plisse Scarf with chocolate and green tones
    Palladium Heart Charm
  3. paz: i'm pretty sure ur loving DH will get u something very special!!! how are u doing these days??

    as for me, my valentine's wishlist is:

    -bearn wallet (don't know what color i want though)
    -orange croc strap for my H watch
    -wide clic clac bangle in pink with GH

    we'll be in vegas for valentine's so i'm pretty sure i'll get SOMETHING from H!!! hehe
  4. Great thread PazT--here's hoping one of these will arrive for V-day! :love:

    -Red berries scarf in White
    -Lumieres de Paris Plisee Scarf in Blue
    -Beige Cashmere/Silk Jungle Love Shawl
    -37cm Bolide in Togo, Fjord, or Clemence. Color TBD
  5. I want a white clic clac in PH or an ulysses agenda. But I found this perfume from this unknown designer that I really want. Oh, and a dress from Diesel, it has a little attachment at the neck and my cadena would look so cool on it.
  6. I'd love to add to this list, but given the "little bauble" that I got for the holidays, I don't DARE add H to V-Day wishes!! i don't want him to have second thoughts! :roflmfao:
  7. O, what color don't you have yet???? you have every single color there is!! a bolide would be a nice addition to your collection!
  8. PazT -- even if you don't get the baby blue Clic-Clac for V-day, won't it make a nice "push present"??? :nuts:
  10. Seriously hoping DH really is nosy and checks this out!!!

    OK...would love the clik bracelet in pink with palladium hardware...that would be nice :love: .

    Ummmm, a black togo 32cm kelly with palladium hardware would be really really nice...:nuts: :shrugs:

  11. LOL P! I need neutrals! I only have black! Ebene, Marron Fonce, Graphite, Chartreuse, or Gold would be great but I keep thinking about PGN's Bolide in Rouge Garance! :love:

    I swear I have OCD when it comes to color....especially Hermes reds!
  12. Tiger keychain! :yahoo:
  13. Anything in an orange box! Of course, diamonds are always nice!
  14. HAHAHA!! Oh believe me, Pazt will be getting something GOOD for a push present!!! AND it just won't be a baby blue Clic-Clac!!!;) ;)
  15. I would love anything H - lol! But at the top of my list right now...

    - H Watch
    - Cognac or BB Bolide 37cm
    - Black Clic-Clac Bracelet w/PH
    - Elephant Cadena PH