Valentines day -- what did you get?

  1. Well, this morning I wake up and it's snowing, so no school. SO reaches under his bed with a romantic smile and brings out a wrapped up rectangle.

    I unwrap my V-day present to find inside 'Elements of Quantum Optics' by P. Meystre..:heart:

    That's what I get for being a nerd...
  2. Eerr... OK... :lol::shrugs:

    DH got me long stem roses. Love flowers.:heart:
  3. ^^ Wish I'd gotten flowers. And I thought it was a box of chocolates. No such luck.
  4. Oh my! My Dh and I exchanged cards and it turned out we got each other the same one. It play this cute song. we were cracking up, what are the chances!
    We will have a nice dinner together later.
  5. I told my baby that I wasn't gonna do anything cause I hate the idea of orchestrated romanticism for the sake of orchestrated romanticism....but I couldn't resist doing a little sumpin sumpin..

    I taped 96 kiddie valentines to her car:



    Then I got her a mixed bouquet with her favorite flowers, Agapanthus, stargazer lilies, snap dragons, then tossed in a couple of roses.

    Finally, I got her a toothbrush and some face wash so she didn't have to keep bringing hers over. Wrapped it in a little ribbon and placed it on the sink.
  6. Husband got me a pair of Chanel Earrings and a Jumbo Flap! :smile:

  7. Your so mantic!!!!!!!!
  8. i got....

    wait for it...

    a text message from my grandmother :roflmfao:

    i bet you're all jealous :graucho:
  9. Well my DH is out of state, so I will get gifts for my daughters, but him and I didn't think ahead...
  10. LOL I love that your grandmother texts though!!

    I got a pair of Versace sunnies and a pair of chucks! haah I there there may be more to come. :love:
  11. Hubby gave me a nice card. 2 pairs of cute pajamas and a dozen peach colored roses.

    My 6 year old gave me a card and a stuffed dog and a stuffed bear
  12. I got 3 dozen long stemmed roses! We usually don't celebrate VD as our wedding anniversary is in two weeks. Hubby is away in South Africa for work so I'm very surprised! My vase is a little small, but it's the only one I've got - LOL.

  13. I got myself a Burberry scarf LOL!
  14. My BF sent me 2 dozen long stem roses to work :love: with chocolates :nuts:
    roses1.jpg roses2.jpg
  15. Beautiful flowers Cal :smile: