Valentine's Day Tree!

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  1. Well I know it's a bit early for Valentine's Day, but a few things prompted me to start ASAP!! I am truly in love for the first time ever :love: and I am also about to become busy with school so I figured I might as well get my decorating and crafting out of the way now!! Especially since I am absolutely celebrating this year!

    So tonight my mom and I went to Target and JoAnn Fabrics & Craft store and at both I found some really awesome V-Day goodies!!! My mini-Christmas tree was just undecorated a few days ago and I decided that I would leave it up a little longer and add some Valentine's Day cuteness!

    I absolutely LOVE ballet/soft pinks, gold, angels, and anything GIRLIE :cutesy: So here is what I came up with!! (Sorry in advance for bad photo quality)





    The pink ball ornaments are from a vintage/thrift store for $1. What a lucky find!! I got all the ribbon (large: pink with gold trim & small: gold) from JoAnn Fabrics for SUPER CHEAP! Like $1-$3 per spool. The small wreath used as a topper as well as the pink glittery wooden hearts are also from JoAnn. I added a few cherubs my mom had hidden in storage and lastly I added the word LOVE as a little banner. The letters are from Target's dollar section and they are actually meant to be for scrapbooking.

    So there ya have it!!! Hope you all enjoy!!
  2. Thats such a cute tree!
  3. How cute! I love it. :tup:
  4. Cute tree.

    I have a tree that I keep up all year in my foyer. Right now it's my snowman tree for winter. In February I also make it a Valentines tree, in March St. Patricks tree, then Easter and so on.....
  5. Adorable! I have two trees I leave up all the time too.
  6. That is so pretty and such a cute idea!!! This will be yet another valentines alone for me! :sad: But I have my little one!
  7. You guys are sweet :tender: I really had so much fun doing this little project.

    RWolfeOH & LLANeedle- I love that you both leave a tree or two up year round. I think that is such a great idea. It is very inspirational & definitely gives me lots of ideas!! I would love to see pics of your trees!! :yes:
  8. :heart::heart::heart:I love it!!
  9. Awhhhhhhhhhh so cute, I love girly stuff too! Congrats on being in loveeeeeeeeeeeeee!
  10. OMG I love it! :girlsigh:

    I have a teensy glitter tree on my vanity (I never took it down after Christmas lol), and I've been toying with the idea of leaving it up and just changing the ornaments for each season/ holiday.
  11. This is so lovely!!! I absolutely love it :smile:
    Are you gonna put gifts under it? Maybe some love coupons?
  12. Perfect Parlez!!!
  13. Very cute! I love the heart topper.
  14. Thanks ladies!!!!!! I'm so happy & flattered that you all like my tree! :tender:

    I emailed pictures of it to my boyfriend:heart: who is at school and he told me that he got them while he was in the library and they cheered him up :love::love:

    -Thank you TygerKitty!! I LOVE love!

    -YES ada87, I actually plan on making some of my own coupons, but I am still working on what they will be for exactly :graucho: :angel: HEHE

    -claireZk GO FOR IT :tup:
  15. cute idea!