Valentines Day Reveal All Items found at Louis Vuitton Las Vegas City Center

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  1. #1 Feb 14, 2010
    Last edited: Feb 14, 2010
    Happy Valentines day everyone:heart: I have a wonderful V day reveal to unvail today. I was in a Louis Vuitton lovers Paradise last week at Louis Vuitton City Center in Crystals. I wanted to share with you my beautiful finds. OMG, when I pulled up to the City Center store on the Las Vegas strip it was beyond words how it looked. Inside there are 3 levels, yes 3 levels of a Louis Vuitton Wonderland.

  2. Oh, so cool!!! It's like heaven!
  3. City Center is the ultimate LV destination.

    What did you get for Valentine's Day? :graucho:
  4. I was there while this was being built, but it was not open yet.

    Show us what ya' got!!!!
  5. Yes, what did you get???
  6. :popcorn: ahh beautiful las vegas! looking forward to your purchases
  7. Pics coming soon, my pics are too big. lol. Total Opulence soon to come.
  8. :useless: J/K

    The bigger the pics the better! Plz :flowers:
  9. Can't wait to see :biggrin:!
  10. My First Item, I know you want to know whats in this box.

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  11. That picture is Louis heaven!!! OMG it is beyond words gorgy!!!!!
  12. open open open!!
  13. This is a pic that I took myself as I was leaving the store, my husband had to drag me out of there. I just needed one last look. :P

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  14. Let's see what you got in that wonderful store...
  15. Big Things come in small packages. :biggrin:

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