Valentine's day pressie from hubby!

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  1. My sweet hubby surprised me this morning with something I have been "hinting" about for awhile now! Here are the boxes. Any guesses?:graucho:

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  2. I'm not very good at reveals so I'll just jump right to it! Presenting my tea set along with the vase. They were out of the teapots so that is on the way! I love the Balcones pattern....wish I could get a whole set of dishes to go with...maybe someday! :cloud9:

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  3. OH WOW!!! That is just stunning!!
    Perfect colourway for V day too!!
    Congratulations- such a perfect gift!!
  4. lovely present for valentines day
  5. What a wonderful way to present Valentine's Day roses, Bijouxlady! This is such a beautiful design.
  6. Thank you lovely ladies! I have been drooling over this for awhile now! They only had 1 cup & saucer left too so that is also on the way. Do any of you own this? Just curious if you actually use it? I plan to, but believe me I will handle it with kid gloves and display it up very high away from all of my sweet, little grandchildren's inquisitive fingers! :smile: :love:
  7. Absolutely gorgeous and the colour is so rich looking....congrats on the fabulous V day present and the wonderful husband to pay attention to the hints
  8. Absolutely beautiful love the color and design
  9. Wow! What a fantastic gift! Happy Valentine's Day :heart:
  10. Wow, so nice!

  11. Stunning!
  12. beautiful! happy v-day!
  13. What a lovely pattern! The red is so striking and perfect for Valentine's day!

    If it were mine, I would use it several times a week (as long as you don't have any munchkins running around) -- beautiful things are meant to be used.

    This is my tea set pattern, and I swear that using it frequently makes it more precious to me.
  14. gorgeous!! congrats!!
  15. Beautiful! Your hubby is so sweet. :tup: