Valentine's Day Present...What Choo are you wishing for?

  1. I thought this would be fun...What Choo are you wishing for? :graucho:
  2. We don't really celebrate:love:

    Way too many occasions to try to find cards & gifts for and so it's just another day to me :biggrin:
  3. Oh come on...any day is a good day to have an excuse to buy a Choo. Wouldn't it be great to have a National Choo Day. LOL
  4. If I were to wish for would be a burgundy Carolina:love: I saw it in person recently and the color was beautiful!
  5. None of the new releases do it for me. I still haven't paid for my Turquoise Maddy, so I'm laying off the Choo for awhile. I can't wait to see my visa bill this month:nuts::yucky:
    If I had the $$$, I'd buy that Red Riki that is on eBay now...
  6. I have to say, I agree with robynbenz. It's just another day. It's become so commercialized I find it annoying. The most special gifts to receive are those given for no reason at all.
  7. I would have to say a "Black" Saba. :drool:
  8. Oh I know...those received for no reason are special;:yes: but I have a daughter that has autism and she :heart:'s every holiday...we try to make each holiday special in our family; because it makes her so happy. :tender: She is our :angel:.

  9. Oh, wow what a small world...I also have a daughter with autism. She is 6 years old. She loves everyday and thinks everyday should be a holiday...LOL She is our little miracle...our angel. :angel: She surprises us everyday with something new.

  10. I think something exotic would be nice!:shame: But we don't really celebrate either. Sigh.
  11. I would loooove the Carolina in wild cat print but I'm trying to be good :angel: & save $$$ :sad:
  12. We don't really make a big deal of Valentines. But if I had to wish for a Choo, :graucho: it would be the Roxie in black drummed leather. Me likey! :nuts:
  13. No celebration here either:nogood:. For me to have a day where I don't want to divorce my husband is like a Valentine's Day, what can I say :love:.
  14. Wow, we are a non celebratory sort aren't we? :p I too fall into that category as I tend to think any day is a good day to shop! I actually tend to let my DH off the hook for the Hallmark holidays! :tup:
  15. no real celebrations here either but in my dreams a black maddy!!! but it is soo not happening as i am still paying for my sand mahala...