Valentine's Day Package from HNL

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  1. New pics from Kana in Hawaii... i love the heart charms!

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  2. she sent alot...

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  3. there's one more post coming! also, the 2nd and 3rd picture are of the same necklace...

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  4. phew -- last set.... that bag is amazing!

    kana also mentioned that they'll be receiving their post-show denim bags in a month or so -- they're already taking reservations! she hasn't sent me pics yet -- but i'll keep everyone posted when she does! :smile:

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  5. congrats!!
  6. Wow I love the heart charms! Do they ship to the mainland?
  7. Umm??

    :shrugs: Nobody bought anything yet.

    , thanks so much for posting the pictures and sharing.
  8. Nice pic and good stuff!....
  9. thanks for posting - I am making my shopping list for HK as we speak! lol
  10. #11 Feb 16, 2010
    Last edited: Feb 16, 2010
    Awww... those heart charms look absolutely adorable on that Mughetto Vitello Lux Shopper! Now I'm tempted to buy some charms! :P
  11. Thanks for posting!! I hope they do send more pics of the rest of the bags accessories....

  12. Butterfly 36029 -- just curious, is that a miu miu denim bag in your profile pic? i should be getting some pictures of this season's denim bags -- i hope they look like yours!
  13. very nice!

    by the way, can we also order bags from her? Anyone ordered before or only accessories?
  14. Yes, its a miu miu denim from this's currently available in and a different version at

    Please post pics when you get them! there should be more denim jeans available this season