Valentines Day....Need Help Deciding


Which Should I Get?!

  1. Heritage Stripe Medium Tote in Brown

  2. New Signature Stripe in White

  3. Spring Patchwork Tote

  4. New Scarf Print Tote

  5. Bunch of Accessories

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  1. Heyyyyy Ladiessss!!! I know I have been MIA for a bit, my dad suffered 2 minor strokes this past week, so I have been busy with him.

    I'm having trouble deciding what I want the BF to get my for Valentines Day. I gave him his present last night at dinner cause I really wanted him to have it. I got him the Tiffany Metropolis Ring
    [​IMG]Sorry about the size :shrugs:
    Anyways, it was roughly $270 with shipping.

    So he said that I could get a new purse :yahoo:that is about the same price.

    Sooooo what do you ladies think I should get? I've been thinking along the lines offffffff

    I knowwww I have the Large, but I also think I should have the medium

    I just love the white!!!!

    This would be my VERY FIRST Patchwork

    And this would be my VERY FIRST Scarf Print.

    Orrrrr should I go for a bunch of accessories??

    You ladies have always been a tremendous help, so I'm counting on you! The BF said we would go shopping next weekend.

    Thanks :idea:
  2. White Stripe Tote!
  3. Hmm, those are all great choices! The scarf print is pretty, but I would be too worried about it getting dirty. Same is true with the patchwork tote, but it has such pretty colors! I guess it also depends on if you are looking for something more practical or more fun. Seems like you could get more use out of the first two. A lot of people don't like the new sig. stripe, but I do! I like that they have a zip top! And since you already have a large heritage, I think I would go with the new sig. stripe tote! :tup:

    Oh, and I hope that your dad is doing okay!
  4. Thanks hun. He still is quiet dizzy and has a headache. Please keep him in everyones thoughts and prayers:heart:
  5. White stripe tote. The scarf tote and the patchwork are pretty but I think they'll be high maintenance in terms of cleaning them. Since you already have the large heritage tote, I chose the white stripe tote. More variety!
    Speedy recovery and good vibes for your dad!
  6. I'm so sorry to hear about your dad. I will be keeping him in my thoughts and prayers! So, to answer your poll I would go for the signature stripe bag because you already have a heritage bag .
  7. Hope your dad is ok.
    I picked the white stripe tote, too. Altho, I love the scarf print one -- I don't know about the care, but if you treat your bags really good and you have many, so you don't carry it 24/7, it should be fine. Why not? Live life! Use it if you love it.
  8. From all of those, I really like the scarf tote. Btw the patchwork looks like a fake bag. :tdown:

    Best wishes to you and your dad.
  9. Sorry to hear about your dad. Hope he is doing ok.

    I voted for the white sig stripe tote since this one seems the most practical and you would get more use out of it (and you said you love the white!). It's nice that it has a top zip closure. I also like the scarf print but would be too worried about getting it dirty.
  10. I voted for the sig stripe tote in white :tup: Just wanted to say I am sorry to hear about your dad and I hope things get better real soon/ :flowers:
  11. I like the white signature stripe too. The scarf print is really pretty but I also would worry about keeping it clean.
  12. Oh the patchwork piece is to die for!
  13. I like the white stripe tote... I feel like the scarf would just get dirty too quickly... the others seem a bit more durable...
  14. You girls are great, thanks for all your well wishes, it means so much to us!
  15. I LOVE the signature bag w/the white stripe on top... very classy... I voted for that!