Valentine's Day Movies!

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  1. I know it's a few days early to talk about v-day stufff, but my boyfriend lives three hours north of me, and works full time- so we're celebrating valentines day this weekend. :smile: I thought it would be fun, after going out for dinner, to go home drink some champagne (delicious!) and watch silly, lovey-dovey movies. So, some ideas I had were:

    When Harry Met Sally
    Sleepless in Seattle
    Sweet Home Alabama ( knock it if you want, but it is a SWEET movie.)

    So, what is everyone's favorite romantic movies, and will you be watching them around valentines day? :smile:
  2. Must love dogs was funny and entertaining! My husband is not one for chick flicks and even he loved it! Vd is our anniversary so hopefully we wont be home watching a movie (unless diamonds are involved):love:
  3. oh, the one with John Cusak right? He's the most inexplicably adorable man-

    I'll have to check it out! :smile: thanks.
  4. It's tragic but Out of Africa, and I love Say Anything still
  5. man, When Harry Met Sally is probably my about The Princess Bride?
  6. oooh. chick flicks. gotta love em.

    my faves are:
    say anything
    pretty in pink
    when harry met sally
    she's all that (lame but i just love it so much for some reason)
    two weeks notice!!!!!!
    love actually!!!
    and this chinese movie called my sassy girl :biggrin:
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