Valentine's Day Main Course????

  1. I want to make my Hubby something REALLY special for dinner on V's day..... I'm making his favorite bread (cheese drop rolls), veggies (brocc/cheese and ranchstyle mashed taters), and dessert (peach cobbler w/ vanilla ice cream) [Can you tell we're deep in the heart of Texas??? :lol: ]....


    What sounds like a good main meat course.... I make steaks, roast, fried chicken, etc all the time. What pops to mind as something different here?

    Thanks in advance!
  2. What about rack of lamb or prime rib?
  3. wat about something fancier like bacon wrapped filet minion with a merlot glaze? i actually made this last weekend and it came out AMAZING if u want a quickie recipe

    LOL ur thread also reminded me of when i was younger...mommy used to make a heart-shaped meatloaf every year on valentines. shes such a dork but i love her :love:
  4. Aw haha!! How cute is that!!!??

    Sure, pm me the recipe!!!!!! Thanks!

  5. OH...yeah he does love lamb...!!!!! That's a good idea too!
  6. I first thought of steak when I read I read the rest of the menu. But heart-shaped meatloaf sounds really good!
  7. My BF made me prime rib once on our anniversary. It was delicious!! I think it would go nicely with the rest of the food you're preparing.
  8. I would like to know alllllll about that merlot glaze! I'm always looking for something to pep up a steak! Please share it with me via pm or on here. TIA!:flowers:
  9. ^^^Adriane.... I am IN LOVE w/ your dog.
  10. I vote lamb! I love it! but last night I made some delicious filet with a balsamic raspberry reduction drizzled on the plate. I felt like I was at a nice restuarant I guess working at one for so mant years has finally rubbed off on me!
  11. Rack of Lamb. If you are a costco member, they sell them for $10 (approx) per rack.... (approx. 1LB) an excellent deal, considering the gourmet market near me sells than for $25 per LB!
    One rack will more than feed two people.
  12. pmed u :smile:
  13. I think Lamb would be great :smile: