Valentine's Day LV wishes?! <3

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  1. What's your Valentine's Day wish? :cloud9::heart::love:

    Mine is Comete Bandeau in Corail. :love:
  2. would love a mahina but it is not going to happen
  3. Heart inclusion earrings :love:
  4. hmmmm id looove artsy .. not going to happen but id love that haha
  5. I love the palermo, galliera and tivoli but the will not happen. Maybe I can strive for an eva?
  6. Eva Ebene :salute:
  7. I'm so late, but I would love a Sprouse graffiti charm in pink!
  8. ermmm a pink vernis handbag,but not going to happen LOL
  9. A multicolore Sarah wallet!
  10. Alma BB !! :biggrin: I just hope LV would hurry up n deliver new stock to Sydney
  11. A bag charm would be nice
  12. oh one of everything please :smile:
  13. I'm getting a new bag this week, so I guess that can count for V-Day.
  14. I'm wishing for a Trevi PM
  15. I'm wishing for a pink mini cooper... but bag wise I don't have anything I really want yet except the pomm brea pm, but DH likes the rose color better... ><