Valentines Day!! INSTANT REVEAL and PRE-LVoed bag!!!


May 14, 2012
San Antonio
Okay... So I've been planning this purchase for awhile now and today as I am getting ready to call my friend who is selling me this bag tells me she sold it yesterday and that she was very very sorry and that I hope I forgive her... Of course I was upset but what could I do... As the story goes it comes to find out that my DBF has recently snuck into my phone to get her number so he could make this purchase as my "Valentines gift" :biggrin:... So being pretty upset he pulled the whole we'll go to LV when u get back isn't there another one u wanted... Well course there always will be but I was being a baby because this one is so special... FIRST off its dis-continued. Second- she is a multicolore and is gorgeous and she has ALOT of gold hardware TDF!!! and 3rd I've been eyeing this bag fr this lady since I bought my special LE Speedy from her last year.. He picked it up yesterday evening when I was back home with mom and to MY SURPRISE (because I usually figure out everything) she is just as perfect as I ever expected her to be and I am SO IN LVoe!!!

So here she is!! LET me introduce, MY NEW TO ME STILL IN PERFECT CONDITION
"Multicolore Chrissie from 2010"