Valentines Day Hints and Wish Lists!!

  1. Ok, with Valentines Day right around the corner, does anyone have a suggestion for how to subtly hint to my honey I'd like my present to come in an orange box?

    I haven't intro'd my DH to Hermes yet... he loves quality things but he's been living in a world where a Boutique handbag which he picks up for me from time to time usually puts him back a couple thousand, tops.

    Even if you're stumped, I'd love to hear about ways your DH (or sig other) has surprised you with Hermes. They're my fav posts on here... I guess I just adore "because I love you" presents the best!! :love:
  2. My DH and DDs all know that I love H so they tend to do a little expedition into for 'treats' for me. My youngest daughter loves H and is loved by the SAs at NYC, so she loves picking things out and is bossy about what she thinks Mommy would like. She knows what I like and has always chosen the most lovely suprises.
  3. Subtle?? No way...some of us must train them the way to go lol!! I put very clear lists on the fridge for b-day/x-mas after a few too many gifts that were so way off base it was too hard to accept. I know dh loves me...but we have very very very (did I say VERY?!!) different taste...and he and the kids like to have my specific list to work with (include phone numbers for long distance stores!); I always give several items and it's still a joy to see which they will pick...(I admit though this has been for mostly non-H far!); Gentle guidance is what I call it!

    I might start with some smaller, less expensive items though to begin with your dh!
  4. maybe u should find a lil pic of what it is that u want and put it in his wallet! this way when he goes to the store, he can just show it to the SA! then come home and ..... voila! "surprise" u!!!

    i ALWAYS tell my DH exactly what i want. he likes it that way as well, otherwise he gets all confused and stressed out.
  5. Put a HUGE photo of your desired Hermes item on his computer as a screen saver?

    I'll be away skiing over next week; there's an Hermes store in the next valley, hoping I'll be able make it there again...(PLEASE snow, come to the French Alpes)
  6. BF knows what to do now...he knows that every gift must now be in either:

    a. an orange box with a neat little brown ribbon or
    b. in an envelope, so that it can go towards purchase of an item in a giant orange box.

    He contributes nice sums to my Hermes bag fund :biggrin: While the thought of a single bag purchase equaling out to that of a down payment on a car or apartment, or one semester of education makes him cringe, he understands my love and contributes to my addiction :love: He's already told me that if he could surprise me with bags, he would, but he knows he will be able to do that one day ^_^ He's already mentioned putting an engagement ring inside of an Hermes bag, inside of a smaller Hermes bag, inside of a smaller Hermes item, and presenting that to me as a proposal :biggrin: He's always thought that idea of box-inside of a smaller box-inside of an even smaller box-inside of a tiny box is funnier than it actually is :p
  7. AWWWWW, Neeya! Your BF sounds like a keeper there!!! It's nice to know that he understands your addiction and is happy to contribute in any way possible even if it's hard for him to understand. With my DH, if there is something very particular I want, I just tell him and make sure that if I really want it, for him to buy it!!! After dating him and being married for a total of 14 yrs, this is what it's come down to, but I don't mind anymore as long as he indulges my H obsession!!!
  8. This morning a patient called for my dh and I gave my dh the number to Hermes instead of the patient's number accidently.
    He called back and said, "Was that a hint??!!" :roflmfao:
  9. He is a sweet boy, and I love him to bits! :love: Hehe I think my boy would be the same way, though he knows that I am really particular, so he wouldn't pick out anything without knowing exactly what to get. The best thing lately was a week or so ago while in the car, he asked me what bag I wanted, and I said I'm still deciding. He looked at me and said "don't you want the pink one in goat leather, and a kelly after that?" I hadn't told him that yet!!! He's been keeping track of my Hermes Wishlist that I keep in a file on my desktop!! :biggrin: I asked him if he'd been peeking at it and he said he has, so he knows what I want :love:

    Japster: that is freaking hilarious :biggrin:
  10. :roflmfao: :roflmfao: :roflmfao: :nuts: :nuts: :nuts: This is cracking me up!!

    DH always asks me if I need anything, as in "HELP", and I say.....Meet me at some place or I take him....and he has to give his opinions (which I VALUE) and something BIG I want to purchase, and I usually get the item! Leads to less confusion, and we're both happy. I also mention what I want like every other day and he gets the hint :graucho: . Although he TOTALLY surprises me from time to time.

  11. :roflmfao: :roflmfao: :roflmfao: :roflmfao:

    Don't Hint!! Never, never, never HINT! I swear, there's something missing on that Y chromosome that makes sure hints go right over their heads. My DH, at least, needs clearly spelled out instructions!!!

    The first V-day gift I ever got from my DH was a DISASTER. I mentioned a store in the Galleria that sells art jewelry. I figured nobody could go too wrong in there. My DH, then BF, shows up with the signature brown box. I open it, and he's found the only tacky thing in the entire boutique. Turns out, he thought it would be a good idea to get me a dead fish from one of the Great Lakes, shellacked, with a safety-pin glued to one side to wear as a brooch. His disappointment was obvious as my jaw fell and I dropped/threw the box in horror. I told him "Southern girls don't wear bait." He insisted it was a lapse in taste on my part and that I wear it to a party that night. After the fourth person gasped "OMG, you're wearing a dead fish," I felt like I'd made my point and took it off.

    I learned after that to never, ever hint. Hinting is dangerous. I don't feel safe hinting at all. He's a great guy, but he really can't take a hint.

  12. E, :roflmfao: :roflmfao: :roflmfao: - i need to use this trick! ha ha!

    but seriously, i think i've maxed out my gifts already - he said the latest etoupe birkin is my valentine's gift for year 2012! ugh!
  13. I think DH was relieved when I said my Tiger keychain was my Valentine's present. :happydance:

    He always surprises me and after 20 years I think he knows me better than I know myself sometimes. :love:

    Japster....that's too funny!!! Love it!!!:roflmfao:
  14. CB you have a real gem!
  15. thanks Shoes! :heart: He's going to be travelling for work for the next 2 months so I am :crybaby: !!! At least I have this weekend's Hermes lunch meeting to look forward to!!! :nuts:

    Back to topic...I talk non stop about H so I figure some of it sinks in. LOL So Angelfish, just talk, talk, talk H 24/7. ;)