Valentine's Day Gifts

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  1. Hello Everyone!!
    I hope everyone had a awesome and fabulous Valentine's Day.
    I sure did :smile:
    This is my first time posting a thread and I'm happy my first thread is
    about the wonderful Valentine's Gifts my boyfriend gave me for Vday :biggrin:
    Here are pictures of the gifts I recieved!!
    Enjoy :yahoo:Oh and also, Happy Chinese/Vietnamese New Year!!!
    Look at all my lovely gifts my sweetheart got me :smile: I love them all and him so much!!
    Will post other pictures soon! :P
  2. I am so sorry if the images are too big. Server isn't working well so I can resize them.

    Amazing, just amazing. I was so surprised!!! Such treasures, such blessings!:yahoo:
    Wow, a necklace, bracelet, and earrings too!!!
    I love the heart, so cute!!! And the earrings are so adorable!!!!!!
    I love it!!!! So cute and so perfect for me!!!!!!
    I love the charms, very unique and chic!
    New baggy bag :smile: I love my black CC Strass. It's so amazing and unique.
    Love, love, love it!!!
    Thank you sweetheart! You spoil me so. I don't deserve your kindness and wonderful gifts. Thank you thank you.

    Thank you all for allowing me to share my wonderful gifts :yahoo:
  3. Your Chanel goodies are amazing. Lucky girl. I love everything!
  4. Tiffany_Daring - Thank you hun :smile: :hugs:
    It's funny, my sweetie said he has more gifts on the way that haven't come in yet.
    I am sooooooo excited!!!! :love:
  5. homigawd! :drool: super sweet wonderful dbf!!! so envy you! :greengrin:

    ummm... may i ask the dimensions of valentine mini?
  6. Love it all! Wow, your BF really spoils you! Congrats!! :heart:
  7. Purse-nality - Sure, hun it's 5.5"L x 3.5"H x 1.75"D chain has 23" drop.
    Thank you for the comment :smile:
    nighteyes - lol indeedie, he does :smile: and I spoil him too with fishing gear which I love fishing too!! And it's funny, he's the ideal bf cause he loves to shop, love's chic-flicks, shows his emotions, loves and I mean loves chocolate! lol
  8. really love them all!
  9. thank you! so cute!
  10. You totally need to hang on to this man, their very hard to find, Happy valentine"s Day.
  11. :nuts: I love those pearls! oh Gorgeous! Such a sweet bf! Lucky gal :biggrin:
  12. WOW! You have such a sweet BF! I love all your goodies. The strass makes me :drool: Can't wait to see what else i coming:graucho:
  13. Awww i love everything !! Congrats !!! :biggrin:
  14. Congratulations!
  15. Such amazing gifts! Congrats and Happy Valentine's Day!