Valentine's Day Gifts!

  1. Just ran up to my Coach store at White Flint Mall and couldn't resist buying my sister-in-law and neice these keyfobs (though I think they'll look cute as a charm on their bags)! I was going to give both to my neice, but I just talked to my s-i-l and she's really down in the dumps. Do you think she'd like the big heart with the turnlock?? I just want to make her smile. (Because I'm at work, these are pics from the Coach website - don't have a cam nor a way to upload them here!)

    [​IMG]My Sister-In-Law [​IMG]My Neice
  2. you're a very thoughtful SIL and aunt! who wouldn't love those Coach gifts?
  3. Love that little locket one that opens up... was thinking about getting that too... very adorable!
  4. OH! And I got a look at the new bags coming out!! There's the Millie (?) which is a straw bag - very cute. The SA said it was very soft straw, not like the kind that doesn't give - she also said it was a very VERY big bag - perhaps something for the beach? You can throw in your lotion, towel, sandals, etc?

    And let's see - there was a new patchwork tote and there was a striking blue bag - I want to say it was a Luci, but the color was a blue I haven't seen before. There was one more but my memory is failing me. I'm sure I'll stop by the one at Montgomery Mall tomorrow, so I'll take another look.

  5. That's SO nice of you. These are adorable!
  6. What a thoughtful thing to do. It will make all of you feel great, I'm sure!
  7. Very cute gifts, how thoughtful of you! They're going to LOVE them!
  8. Very sweet of you.. they will love them!!
  9. Those are awesome Valentines gifts.:tup: That is so nice of you!!!:yes:
    I have the turnlock heart and I :heart: it!
  10. Aw how nice!
  11. Wish I had a SIL like YOU!!!!! I think she will LOVE it and so will your niece!!! YOU are sooooooooo thoughtful!!!!
  12. I think you made a great choice to give the big heart to your SIL and the dangling hearts to your niece :biggrin:

    What a sweetheart :kiss:
  13. very cute and very sweet of you.
  14. Love 'em and your family will too!!! You are a sweetie!!!
  15. aww that is sweet, the keyfobs are adorable