Valentine's Day Gifts? Let's see pics!

  1. Who got Coach for V-Day? Let's see some pics!

    Im still waiting....DH had to work today :0( But he said something was on the way....let's hoping it is Coach! Either way, Ill be happy with whatever he gets me!
  2. no coach for me, but i can't wait to see what everyone else's romantic SO got for them...
  3. I had a little Paypal money burning a hole in my pocket so I bid and won a little something last night and DH says he has something he's bringing back with him but I'll wait to post about it until I hear from him after his doc's appt this morning when I HOPE he will get the all-clear to come home :sweatdrop:
  4. i am hoping for a little coach.....i sent out a hint yesterday! i shouldn't complain b/c i already got tiffany jewelry for Vday!! yippee!
  5. I bought myself some shoes. HAHA!! I don't have anybody so I just treated myself to shoes and a new cover for my iPod Touch. My V-Day sucks :0(
  6. What kind of shoes? (That's what I got myself too).
  7. awww, lauren......good for you to treat yourself! you deserve it! did you find a white bag yet??
  8. I posted them a while back, the Sherrie Sandals. So effing cute!! :heart:
  9. Yes I have! I'm going to grab it next PCE hopefully!! Thanks for asking!!
  10. I already posted these on another thread put here is a pic of my Coach Heart Earrings I got today from my Hubby!!:love:

  11. Cool. Those are cute :yes:
  12. I just got red roses delivered to me at work!!! My bf is soo sweet!:heart: I love them! Theyre on my desk right now!
  13. I hope your DH gets to come home, Tanukiki! That would be the best V-Day gift of all I'm sure! :heart:
  14. :yes::yes::yes::yes::yes::yes::yes:
  15. I hope so too! Hope all is well with you and your hubby!:heart: