Valentine's Day gift to myself

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  1. I believe I'll pick any holiday to have an excuse to gift myself something! In a couple weeks I want to get myself a Valentine's Day wallet. I'm confused as to what to get and wanted you all to assist me in making my decision. I don't think the sweetheart collection is my style so I'm debating between the MC Sarah Noir or the Rose Indian Zippy. I want to be in the spirit an get something pink. Pink is also my favorite color. For reference I currently have a mono Sarah and a Insolite Ikat in Rosé Indian. I also plan to check out the Infini zippy next week. So that may be in my collection at the time of decision making for V-Day. Please help...
  2. Why not treat yourself ~ great idea! I am a fan of both the Sarah wallet (especially the vernis ~ RI is SO pretty) and the Curieuse wallet in the Empreinte line. If you are looking into the reds/ pinks, the Orient and the Jaipur are both great colors for Empreinte leather.

    Let us know what you decide!
  3. Originally i was looking at the Curieuse but from reviews I saw I wasn't a fan of the just large open space. I like compartments like in the Sarah. I will definitely look at it when I go in store. Thanks for your suggestion.
  4. Tough choice, MC Sarah is fun and cute, and the Zippy in RI is also very pretty, which one do you think would look better with your most used bags? if you close your eyes and imagine going into your bag which one do you envision?
  5. This is so funny! I am literally in my cubicle with my eyes closed thinking and pulling my arm up and down like I'm digging. Get idea though! I'm this case I see the MC Sarah. I wonder thou if its b/c I'm using my mono Sarah now and just came from the store and used my wallet. My only bags currently are the Rose Indian Ikat Neverfull MM and DE Neverfull MM. I'm going to purchase the Emp Lumi Infini next week. With the RI and DE bags I see the MC but with the Lumi the RI Zippy would be a lovely pop of color. I'm more confused! Lol...
  6. lol, don’t let your coworkers see you :lol: keep trying, there has to be one you like more than the other, both of them are so cute!
  7. mc sarah