Valentines day gift ideas for the guys

  1. i'm at a loss at what to do for my bf for vday. he has lots of $$ so he buys just about anything he wants and i don't have a lot of money to spend. i've made him dinner before a couple times and never got that great of a response so that's out of the question. i can spend $150 or less. i'd like to do something for him rather than just buy a gift. any ideas? what is everyone getting their SO?
  2. why dont u make him something? or take him somewhere? like a night away or something?
  3. he doesn't like to go out :sad: basically he likes to work and watch tv like sports.
  4. I bought my bf a wood photo album with both our names on it from We've been together for more than 7 years so I'm running out of things to get least now we'll have an album for our pictures.
  5. To be blunt -- sex.

    Guys always appreciate it....regardless of our orientation.

    Tie a bow on yourself.......and call it a day.

    I am positive he will be HAPPY
  6. ^^^ that is a good point.

    What is his favorite team? If at all possible you could clip together all the teams most memorable moments and put in on a powerpoint or dvd and let him relive that joy...and if you talk to him about it im sure that would mean so much to him that you are showing interest in what he is.
  7. oddly enough, my bf doesn't really like sex, boo for me. that's was my first thought but then i don't think it would really matter to him. it'd be more for me, lol.
  8. So why are you dating him! ;)

    Given what you've said.. Maybe just a handmade card telling him how much he means to you.
  9. :roflmfao: :roflmfao: That is exactly what DH ask for...:roflmfao: :roflmfao:
  10. im sure he might have a fantasy. fredericks and other stores have lingerai i'm sure the both of you would enjoy. but if he's into sports i'd suggest tickets. what i'm doing is taking my bf to a "hotel" where they have special rooms to fit your occasion. .:: W E L C O M E ::. (i'm thinking of the room of two floors with the jaccuzzi in the shape of a champagne glass lol) $350 for the night, better be worth it ;) but maybe they have cute ideas, that's where i check too. buildabear of his fav. team, see little hints ;)
  11. His and hers massage at a local spa. I did this for my BF the other year and we both loved it. I got a package at a spa near home which includes a massage for him with foot rub,a massage with facial for me. They served us champange and chocolate covered strawberries.
  12. ummmmmmmmm...A guy that doesnt like SEX???..I didnt think that man existed..rofl.....Try a nice romantic picnic style dinner...chocolate fondue...etc......PUT HIM in the mood!!
  13. sex it is. woo hoo.
  14. Double that DH loves massages!