Valentine's Day gift from my very DH

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  1. Hi ladies,

    I have not had time to take a real life picture of this, but I wanted to post it before Valentine's Day is a distant memory. I have a few things I need to post pictures of, so hopefully I'll get a real life picture over the next week or so (still undergoing an audit at work that is taking up all my time).

    Anyway, DH was with me at the Coach store and I was drooling over this purse, so he went back and got it for me for Valentine's Day. :love: Not only that, he skated down the Rideau Canal and back (it's Winterlude in Ottawa, and we boast the world's largest skating rink). He's an awesome skater, not many people skate the entire canal in both directions). He had to put the purse in his backpack for the skate back!!

    This is my first smaller Coach purse. I always liked the groovy (only Poppy thing I really like), but up to now I haven't been crazy about the colors. This sparkle leather reeled me in big time. It's so nice to finally have a smaller purse that is still big enough to carry a decent amount of stuff in, but small enough not to kill my shoulders if I'm walking around for hours, and I love the fact it can be carried as as shoulder bag or crossbody.

    I TOTALLY LOVE IT. I am a metallic girl all the way!!

    Poppy Sparkle.jpg
  2. congrats the sparkle leather in person is sooooo beyond soft excellent choice and wonderful hubby :O)
  3. Very soft and pretty! Sweet guy! Enjoy!
  4. So pretty...and so spring!
  5. Very pretty! Can't wait to see an IRL pic. Enjoy!
  6. congrats!!
  7. Lovely!
  8. Cute bag! I have one in gray and it's so small
    but at the same time can fit a
  9. congrats to my fellow Ottawan on ur new groovy!
  10. What a guy he is!! :smile: Lovely bag too!! Congrats!
    Hope that crazy audit gets done very soon!!
  11. Thanks everyone. :biggrin: I gotta say, I don't know how Coach does it with their amazing leathers. The sparkle leather is amazing, and so is the textured metallic on the new Peyton. It's really amazing how they do these awesome finishes!!!!!!!!!!!!!! To me it's what makes Coach so awesome and cutting edge. I guess some people like the classics, but I like the new freaky stuff. :P

    (I think the audit is winding down - crossing fingers).
  12. You'll have to let me know how she wears! I've been eying this one too! The leather makes me nervous, though, so that's why I haven't gotten her!
  13. I will certainly report back. In the meantime, I'm really good with my purses, I have some that I've had for years and they still look amazing - even cheapies. So hopefully the same will be true for the Groovy. As well, this would not be an everyday purse for me, more for weekends or when I want a lightweight, smaller hands-free option.

    I miss her, I haven't seen her all day, I can't wait to get back home and take it out of the box and admire it. :yahoo:

    I have a new Zoe at work that I probably won't use till summer, but I've decided to keep her at work. It's so nice to be able to look at it during the week in anticipation of the summer. Is that sick? :P
  14. So sweet of him to buy you that. Its gorgy.
  15. Such a pretty bag & great hubby! Congrats!!