Valentine's day Dilemma...HELP!!

  1. DS in in third grade. He has a classmate (let me call her A) who always tells him that she loves him, that she thinks he's cute and all that. This has been going on for like 6 months now, and my son (though liking the attention) is keen to maintain his distance.

    I've been sent a classlist so that DS can get valentines. The problem is DS is refusing to send out valentines this year. Reason :"If I give A. a valentine she's think I love her too and she'll be even more of a pain!"

    What is the most diplomatic thing to do in this case? Everyone else in his class usually gives everyone else valentines, so I don't want DS to be the odd man out.

  2. Let him have the plainest one in the box and sign it from a your friend.???
  3. Get an assorted box of valentines and make sure to give A. the least "love" related card in the box.
  4. Just make generic ones for all the class included so noone gets preferential treatmt.I always did that....
  5. Merika,

    I taught 3rd grade and the kids can be cruel. I wouldn't want your son to be teased incessantly for the card. I've seen it happen before and I suspect that your son has seen it happen to others and doesn't want the same thing happening to him. Can you bring some cookies/cupcakes for the class instead? That way he wouldn't have to address anything to her specifically.

    Good luck!
  6. Some kids don't even put names on cards, just "from B" and that's it. Or, they give the "yucky ones" to the people they don't like.

    I know it's a rule at the schools we've attended that you give to all or to no one, so just skipping her isn't really an option.

    I feel sorry for your son. My older son had that too in the 4th grade - what a pain... he was conveniently sick on Valentine's day that year (honestly too with a high fever! LOL) Though I don't recommend that for a solution.
  7. Thanks for the suggestions, everyone! I still haven't done anything yet - haven't bought any cards either. DS is sick (berry, I laughed out loud when I read your post) he's been having fever since last night so I'll probably choose whatever it is depending on how well he feels by tomorrow afternoon.
  8. i agree with Jill! We just did Valentine's last night-I printed out 23 of them-all the same. On the front there is a cat giving a dog a barrel of hearts and it reads "To My Friend, Happy Valentine's Day". Inside my son signed all the cards the same, "From, William". he signed the teachers cards "Love" though. LOL

    Oh, my son is 7 and in 2nd grade.
  9. Okay...Problem solved...he's too sick to go to school!
  10. Now, I told you I don't recommend that solution!:lol:

    Hope he feels better soon!

    Last night I helped my son get his ready. They were all 3D bugs that say things like "Bugged out for Valentine's" - VERY boyish. tacked on a couple candies on the back and he's good to go.

    For his "girlfriend" (she's in the other GT classroom so he doesn't have to worry about hers being different and people saying NO FAIR) he made a paper heart and filled it with candies and even gave one of his coveted Croatian Bajadera chocolates! and a homemade card too. He felt bad because he heard that she had gotten him a Lolly-gram and he hadn't gotten her one (has it started already of thinking of getting something too late? LOL)

    They've been "dating" for two years - they do TaeKwonDo together too! Though, DS did say last week that really she's just his best friend and he just thinks he was "kidding himself" into thinking she was a girlfriend. I think that now that he is getting older he's more aware of what "girlfriend" really means.... it's cute though and she is a nice girl (though VERY tomboyish! LOL)