Valentine's Day "Date Shoes"

  1. Hey everyone, so the day has come for couples and friends to be together and celebrate love! So I was just wondering, what is everyone wearing on their feet for this special day?

    I personally am stuck between my Black kid with red tip VPs or Blue suede Rolandos...Once I pick the shoe, I will pick my outfit to match! Which pair should I choose??? I'm so dead locked because both of these are gorgeous and make me feel so hot:graucho::graucho:
  2. I vote for the Blue Suede Rolandos! :yes:

    My Valentine's Day dinner shoes will be the NP patent leopard pair--their first outing! :biggrin:
  3. I think it depends on where you are going and what you will be doing, but I consider the blue suede Rolandos to be more special. The black kidskin VP are classically beautiful, but for celebrating the Rolandos would elevate your mood and give your outfit and spirit a little kick, KWIM?

  4. Thanks Lav! What will you be wearing tonight?
  5. My first thought is where do you live? If it is chilly out go for the Ro's if it is nice..VP's for certain.

    I am pairing my Graham and Spencer Sequin shift dress, with Wolford Opaque Leggings and my Black patent Metallika's .....

    Happy Valentines Day!:love:

    (pic: Net-A-Porter)


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  6. I would got with the VP cuz there is a little bit of red in there and those shoes are just so sexy!
  7. Bella, I adore your outfit!! You should post pictures!
  8. Thank you! Happy Valentine's day!:flowers: