Valentine's Day Cute!

  1. I saw that it was really cute.. but I could never have white I would get it dirty so quick!
  2. Cute but I've no luck with white bags especially leather, they turn gray in no time.
  3. awww I love Valentine's Day! :tup:
  4. that is ADORABLE!
    too bad it's not matching wallet.
    i can't do the whole "wristlet" thing.
    i need the separation. i'm ocd. lol.
  5. AHHH i LOVE the wristlet with the big heart on it!! too bad it's only offered as a set! has anyone ever seen this set before? i definitely haven't, unless it's on the website now & i just didn't know. it looks sort of not your typical coach to me, too, like white & red. im gonna go check the site!! still want the wristlet though :smile:
  6. I got my mom that same ergo as a gift. It was her first Coach bag. It's a gorgeous bag! The wristlet is so cute! I saw a few on eBay today when I was 'browsing'!

    I don't believe it was available as a set, the seller just put them together for the sale. These are older items. The ergo bag is an original ergo that inspired the current ones we know and love.

  7. not to be an enabler,
    but they have the wristlets on eBay all the time!
    if i used wristlets, i'd be SO tempted! i LOVE hearts!
    i kinda want to buy one JUST BECAUSE its too darn cute!
    although i'd wait; everything with hearts is probably jacked in price right now because of valentine's day. :tdown:
  8. I love that!! But I love anything that is so "matchy".
  9. I have that heart wristlet, but in pink. I use it as my camera case. It's sooooooooo cute!! My brother had given it to me.

    I wish they'd make one of these with a periwinkle trim and big periwinkle star!! But not a pointy star because I don't like those. It has to be a cute, rounded star like the metallic blue/pink/silver leather keyfob. Can you tell I'm picky about the shape of my stars?? Haha.

  10. Aw, esp. love the wristlet :love:
  11. I don't think that bag is real...look at the creed. The underline under the "o" in "No" shouldn't line up with the bottom of the "N".