Valentine's Day bag

  1. So my exciting Friday night consisted of switching from my mahogany patent gallery tote to my "getting ready to celebrate Valentine's Day:heart:" bag, complete with matching accessories. Yes, I need to get a life!
    vday bag.jpg vday access.jpg
  2. That bag looks ADORABLE all dressed up for Valentine's Day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!
  3. So cute !
  4. oh how cute! I love that scarf!!!! :tup: You do not need to get a life.. that is soo cute!!! :okay:

  5. Way cute!
  6. Super cute!
  7. So pretty!!! I am such a huge Vday fan and have been trying to decorate my house and can't find much out this year!! :sad:
  8. I love this bag ... and Valentines Day!!! It looks so cute!
  9. I have that it...very classy and cute w/the scarf!!
  10. AWWWW!!! I am loving that its so adorable.. so since your ready for Valentine's Day.. I know I am early but here it is...

  11. I love that bag!!! And the scarf looks so great with her!
  12. Your bag looks adorable! I love that embossed Hamptons in the red - gorgeous.
  13. SO pretty! I love the bag and accessories!
  14. great bag!
    how about some modeling pics??
  15. Isn't your scarf my avatar?? Sort of??